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Various Fish and Fishbone Resources

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 Survey on Reference collections and Digital Resources

Web Links - please tell me of others!

Osteobase  - Hosted by the MNHN - French museum of natural history, this is a similar resource but with a different slant to the AFR project - more species, excellent photos, English and French versions.  It seems that many people do not know of this website so take a look.

Bone Base Baltic Sea - A useful resource for fish of the area - various information and a download of a cd photo resource (create the cd by burning an iso file).

Sydney fish library - images of modern and archaeological fishbones from Sydney area, compiled by Sarah Colley  Includes species of wide distribution and those similar to other areas.

NABONE gadid manual - digital images of elements of five North Atlantic gadids.  Sadly this was never expanded further.  Links to other NABONE items.

Portland State University fish bone images - useful for this area of the USA but also handy for general reference to species in same genus/family.  Links to other zooarch including collections database.

Hawaiian fish bone key from the Bishop Museum - key using Lucid and digital images, also nice anatomical labels listed under ‘types of remains’.

OSTEO - bones of fresh water species worldwide (but mostly limited to those in Madrid NH collection?). - for scientific information on fish species. Froese, R. and D. Pauly. Editors. 2011. FishBase. World Wide Web electronic publication.


archaeological fish resource pages

Archaeological Fish Resources

This is a collaborative  project based in Britain including workshops and online digital resources to aid archaeozoologists identifying fishbones, passing on skills and knowledge to the new generation.

This page will have all sorts of content and links concerning fish that are relevant to archaeozoological research - partly as a result of the two items below.

List of publications useful for fishbone identification - go here